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Re-read the whole series…UNFORTUNATELY...

Genres: Shoujo, smut

Status: Finished

Volumes: 7

Chapters: 38

Is alcohol required to finish it? YES. It was like reading a story about the sex life of a married couple.. only interesting to the people involved. Plus, guess what? Nothing kills one’s spirit faster that a dumb, dependent, needy, whiney heroine.

Recommended? For people who don't mind reading unrealistic things and only care about the drawings or the cool factor of the guy or whatever, then go ahead and read. But IMO, this manga is a waste of time.

The Story: Kirara Nakazono is a young girl who dreams of being a top idol but her career is going no where. That all changes when a very wealthy and influential young man named Ginzou Fujiwara (Gin for short), develops an interest in her virgin body. (I'M NOT KIDDING. I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED READING THERE!!) As you’ve a probably guessed, this is yet another ‘hates him but falls in love with him’ shoujo manga, where our heroine eventually becomes some hot guy’s plaything. So you can expect the usual unrealistic crap the like Gin being able to buy his way into anything from the media to politics but this manga really takes a step further in detracting itself from reality.

Let's cut to the chase. The story kinda sucks, as a lot of the sudden developments and random bullshit will leave anyone cringing in disbelief. What’s worse is how badly the heroine is treated (abused, beaten, continuously molested, etc.), and yet she seems to enjoy it like the lustful little tramp she is.

I can hear some of the fans going;"But oh oh Tamara, dont be like that. Yes there are too many "steamy scenes" and yes there are a lot of complications with the relationship of Kirara and Gin but isn't that true? I mean isn't true love supposed to be that?"



True love? You mean when a man that acts like a boy almost rapes a girl and treats her like a toy? And the girl falls in love with him? And she kinda forgets that "man" tried to rape her because HE'S SO HOT (DUH)? Yeah, that's exactly how real love looks like, right?

Characters: Kirara is naive to the point of stupidity. There were time I ask myself how air-headed can a woman get. Seriously, Kirara is the weakest, most useless female protagonist since Bella Swan. All she does is blush and moan, and she doesn't really care when she's pawned off by all the other male characters for sexual means. I CANT FUCKING BELİEVE IT.

The dude treats the female lead like crap and she only cries and doesn't even get mad? And when the guy tries to take her back she just blindly goes back to his side? If it was me I would've probably beaten the crap out of him or atleast been mad and argued. Like, what the hell? Love yourself more, when a guy treats you bad then stand up for yourself. All the smut mangas would've been so much better if the girl just didn't blindly fall for the guy over and over again. Sorry, but I'm just so fed up by this I just want to smash a plastic bottle on the authors heads. What's wrong with a independent and strong girl like in Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!, #1 or Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 01? I don't understand, ugh.

Seriously, how can Kirara still love this guy who claims he loves her, but then steps on her career and future as he pleases because she simply didn't want to quit the entertainment industry after they marry?

I mean, she basically gave up her life to have sex with him 24/7 because he is rich and can support her doing that. I don't care how much Gin loves her, she just became a dumb sex slave. No matter how much of an asshole the male lead was/is ( I mean he just took her vigrinity, raped her several times and blackmailed her emotionally almost throughout the whole story...) she can always forgive him and worse... falls unconditionally in LOVE with him and "cant be without him" and "wants only him"? See? DUMB.

Oh how about that part she agrees to be a 'sex slave' to that Jinguu guys so he wont sue for assault? It's laughable that Gin is so 'influential' but cant handle a minor lawsuit.



Besides Kiara always has the same expression on her face. such like "I'm a innocent and helpless girl pleaaaaaaaaaaaase save me my prince". aaarrgh that sucks.

Guess what? Gin isn't much better either. My main issue with him is...ta da...he is STUPID. At the beginning of the story I thought that he was going to be foolish in a fun way, but no, HE'S JUST DUMB AS A BAG OF HAMMERS. In every chapter, I think 'man, this guy is so stupid, he's basically just a walking penis'. Take the worst qualities of boys going through puberty and that is Gin.

Yeah, he's attractive and powerful but geez, what a libido on that guy. He made a new definition of over-possessive. And then here's the fact he truly loves her but when she's tired of him controlling her life (and trying to have a back bone) he hurts her. And of course, she always comes back crawling to him one way or the other. Sure, in rare parts, he really is a nice guy but she gets so much crap from him. I mean, they're whole relationship is based on sex, which is lust, not love.

Smut: Too much. It’s like the author simply wanted to pack as many sex scenes as possible into the manga since she had no real creativity.

The art I thought was really nice, it wasn't all over the top, but the detail was very outstanding. If it wasnt for art I wouldnt have given even 1 star to this manga.

Final Thoughts:

Basically everything I hoped would happen didn't. In fact nothing happened. No further development of the characters (the series ended with the girl having no dreams, aspirations or plans for the future... talk about a REVERSE in character development; so despicable). I didn't like a single character in this series, except maybe the girl with Leukemia.



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Mayu Shinjo debuted in 1994 in Shogakukan's Shōjo Comic with "Anata no Iro ni Somaritai". She continued writing for Shogakukan until 2007, with her works appearing in both Shōjo Comic and their other magazine Cheese!. She left the company to go freelance citing a dispute over working conditions and abusive treatment by her editor.

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